Why I Love My Job At The Creative Agency

Why I Love My Job At The Creative Agency

I’ve never thought that I would be working in an agency but here I am today, a digital marketer at ALQ Creative.

Of course, occasionally, hiccups happen on the job. It’s inevitable. Life in the creative or digital agency is fast paced and can be ruthless. But still, I love what I do.

As Confucious once said: Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Hahaha! Well, work is work and we put plenty of effort in what we do so let’s get to it. Here are reasons why I love my job:

I Never Get Bored

There are always things to do. From conceptualizing to putting the ideas at work. Doing test runs and looking at errors or scrutinizing each other’s work because we want the best for each other. Due to the way we work, I get to learn something new every day. It’s hard to be bored when you are passionate at what you do.

I Get To Meet Different Types Of People

We get visitors all the time and they’re all with different personalities. Some you enjoy being in the company of, some you enjoy just looking at the way they talk. These people vary from clients, influencers, and people who want to partner with us. OH! And we get random visitors too!

The Sense Of Achievement

This one goes without saying… One of the many projects we worked on allowed us to educate and uplift people. On top of that, we get to help others who are in need. And that’s just one of the many.

Going through the whole process can be thrilling but the end result is usually worth every ounce of effort. #latenightsintheoffice

Being Able To Do Random Stuff

Interview A Sheikh? Haha!

At times when we are finished with our tasks, we get to do random stuff. Most of the time, we end up trying to generate new ideas for… well, anything, really.

Doing a mini photo shoot for ALOHA ESSENTIALS by Syah Chan. Just because she’s my sister.

People Think I’m A Wizard

From migrating websites to getting them SEO’d. People think I can do almost anything as long as I have the laptop and internet connection. This might sound ridiculous but they really do.

Having worked as a freelance prior to this, I’d say both jobs have their ups and down, pros and cons but working as a team really excites me and it gets things moving faster.

Our Story: When Han Met Liya #HanxPrincessLiya

Our Story: When Han Met Liya #HanxPrincessLiya

Whenever someone asks how we met each other, we always mention the same thing over and over. Some of you might already have known that I met Liyana (Princess Liya) at a common friend’s birthday party but what if the true story was that we’ve already crossed path many years before that? Would you believe me?

Our wedding was 10 years in the making.

You see, about 13 years ago, back when it was still called CompassPoint, I was working part-time at Banquet making Takoyaki. That’s right Takoyaki. For those of you who don’t know what’s Takoyaki (kesian tak pernah nampak octopus ball), please see below.


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Okay, stop drooling and back on track…

The queue was forever long when business just started because we were the only halal Japanese stall that was selling Takoyaki at that time that we even get customers all the way from the west side of the west side of Singapore! Can you imagine how far they must’ve traveled just to get Takoyaki from Sengkang?

My apprentice, Fayyadh, happens to be a friend of Liyana. I can now officially announce that Fayadh can make awesomely delicious Takoyaki. Anyway, Liyana had come to visit Fayyadh with her friend. Though, I’m unsure if the visit was legitimately sincere or she was just there because she wanted some Takos.

This was the first time we’ve ever crossed path. Nothing happened, of course.

Moving on… About 4 years later, my buddy, Shah fell in love with his now-wife, Shazzie when they were in university. But of course, at that time, he was still trying to court her. LOL! 😂

Shah & Shaz – Now happily married

Shah had planned a birthday surprise and had invited me. Liyana happened to be their common friend as well and that was the first time I had officially met Liyana.

I guess the rest is all history now because…


I haven’t blogged in the longest time and I’m not as good a writer as Liyana so if you would like to read more about our wedding, you can check it out here.

OR, if you’d like to read on our wedding vendors, she has blogged a part 1 review here.

Lastly, before I end this post, here’s one more picture.