The Future Of Customer Engagement

The Future Of Customer Engagement

Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference has just ended. If you have been looking to learn about chatbots, recently, all chatbots were placed on pause. Facebook’s “bot pause” is officially over, meaning you can now connect your bots to business pages just like before and start testing or playing around again.

You can read all about it here.


Chatbots. What are they?

Chatbots are synthetic intelligence coordinations which are programmed to engage customer’s interactions through the use of voice and texts. Generally, these engagements are direct and interact with people in a somewhat human-like way about limited business issues. The trending of chatbots has been initiated through the messaging apps and social media.

But why the rising popularity of chatbots?

We have all lately witnessed the rapid growth of many valuable social media canvases’ such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Twitter. However, the influence of using chatbot for business growth and progress has elevated the mode of online marketing to a higher level of the total. Many of the business sectors are now using the all-around chatbots to take their customers services to a different level.

Let’s have quick look at the benefits and changes that come along with the Chatbots.

From the customer perspective

1. Direct and quick responses
These artificial intelligence systems provide instant responses to the customer’s queries. Clients have less to worry about waiting for emails or phone calls when they have simple queries. Such simple inquiries may be related to operating hours, addresses, prices, and so on.

2. Swift resolutions
Chatbots can also be designed in a way that allows its users to have a quick view of the available products and services depending on the user’s preference. All the important and relevant statistics can be exchanged through the bot. With the delivery of sufficient information at the right time, decision making on the next step becomes easier.

3. Saves a significant amount of time
This system also provides customers with complete knowledge on a variety of products and services on the same site. This allows clients to make quick and informed decisions. Clients do not have to spend a lot of time talking to the management over the phone or even examining their needs on many tabs

From the business perspective

1. Providing a great deal of analytics
One of the most basic principles of marketing is to provide interactive patterns of prospective clients – their purchasing trends, preferences, dislikes and other features. These behavioural patterns provided by Chatbots creates important insights to help your business make decisions on the kind products and services to offer. They also give a deeper understanding of the solutions which needs to be absorbed for better delivery of services.

2. Improved customer service
The Chatbot system helps to provide for customer inquiries in a greatly improved way. Business clients can get enhanced answers and immediate responses to their inquiries. This will make it easy for the clients to make decisions. As a matter of fact, chatbot communications tend to be more human thus garnering improved responses.

3. Increases productivity
People do not like waiting for long these days. Just imagine the number of people a customer support manages to assist at the same time. Obviously very few people. However, using chatbots can enable a business to cater to countless people at the same time. This system has an automated accessibility to a firm’s database. This makes it easy instantly cater to all the basic queries from potential customers. Those queries which appear to be more complicated can take care of by the customer support staff.

4. Better targeting
We have Chatbots that makes it easier for business to target and serve clients in a better way. One good example of such system is the Facebook Messenger. This bot enables brands to provide targeted content on the basis of clients purchase and social networking history.

5. Reduced costs
These important systems are relatively cheap to develop. Even though the responses, abilities, and intelligence vary depending on the specific bot, developing a simple one is fast and will cost a few coins. Maintaining the Chatbots is not a problem either. The system developers offer estimations on what you can afford.

6. Making each customer visit count
Controlling the number of time customers spends on your website is one tough task. Of course, there are many alternatives to make such potential clients spend time on your page but the most outstanding option is through the use of chatbots.

Final words

You should incorporate chatbots in your business if you want to maintain good relations with your customers. It not only ensures improved productivity but also helps you cater to the customer support services to many. This, in turn, will empower and enhance your business progress.

Benefits of Hiring Interns for Your Business

Benefits of Hiring Interns for Your Business

Having had Alfaatih, I cannot deny the fact that many large companies hire interns each year to help them increase their productivity and effectiveness in the long and short-term. I’m sure you know that too. But even business owners in many small and medium-sized businesses must understand the number of benefits that interns may provide.

Before hiring a full-time employee, many companies want to know whether the interns can do enough in a professional work environment. Currently, applying for an internship program at a reputable company is a great competition for students, and companies have the option of choosing the best students from colleges.

So what does this mean for you?

Achieve success in all types of projects

Even for small businesses, these new graduates are of great benefit because they can produce high-quality work and are very enthusiastic and excited. They can work hard to succeed in all the projects that have been assigned to them. By assigning a few projects to a team of interns, the employer can engage his full-time staff in some of the more lucrative areas of work. Employing interns will also lead to a lot of lower costs in hiring as companies can hire productive workers at the lowest cost. Employing interns can be a cost-effective way to increase your company’s staff.

Reduce the cost of investment in employment

Although interns do not have previous experience under their belts, they are very smart and capable. Not to mention, innovative as well. An employer can get the benefits of many employees on one account. Even the risk associated with hiring a full-time employee is reduced when hiring new graduates. When you hire a full-time employee, you have to give him a salary and other miscellaneous benefits. If the employee is found to be inappropriate for your organization, it will result in significant losses for you.

Perform additional tasks and add value to your work

By hiring interns for a certain period, business owners can get benefit from their experience. The employer has a full opportunity to find out whether the trainee is suitable for his company or not. They may be trained and configured to fill full-time positions in your company. A small business owner can remove his agenda for more important tasks and contract with interns to accomplish all those additional tasks for his company. Will be able to gain additional time to manage its business effectively.

Increase the minimum for your company

Interns can also help the employer do some market research and the employer can find a lot of information about current clients, potential consumers as competitors usually help you improve your products and services, and take appropriate types of marketing efforts. The talented team of interns can do a lot for your business. Interns have high potential and enthusiasm and can be trained appropriately to perform different tasks in your company.

If you need help around the office and it doesn’t really require you to hire one permanent staff, hiring an intern could really help you out a lot.

What you need to know about growing your brand…

What you need to know about growing your brand…

The modern world of business has become very competitive. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to create a brand that your current and potential clients can associate with.

Branding is an important aspect of business. It basically answers the question of what customers need to know about your business. This information may range from the name of your business, its logo, colour, the products that you sell among other essential pieces of information.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business owner, there are some practical tips you need to learn so as to create a successful brand. Some of these tips include:

Research on what clients already know about you

If you have already been in business for a while, then there are things that the customers already know about you. The information can be positive or negative and may be in form of word of mouth or online reviews.

Where there is negative information, it is important to clean your profile. Consider changing your name and logo so that you are able to start on a positive note. If you are an entrepreneur who is entering the market for the first time, you do not need to worry about this.

You need to create a business name, color, and logo that will be attractive to your potential customers.

Create an appealing Website/Blog

You need to have a platform where people can find out more about what you have to offer. Your website must have attractive photos, beautiful colors and useful content. This is the only way to ensure that potential clients will be attracted to know more about what you have to offer. You will then be able to increase your exposure to the outside world.

Partner with a reputable brand

In the current business world, you cannot make it on your own. You need to associate with businesses that are similar to yours. By associating with a business that already has a proven a track record, the potential clients will associate you with success.

With this association, they will be attracted to the products that you offer. On top of that, your business is also likely to inherit the clients that belong to the business that you have partnered with. This will give you a huge advantage over other businesses that are struggling to make it in the same niche as your business.

Increase your social media presence

Social media platforms have become important tools used for content marketing or social media marketing. This is where you can create a direct link with your potential customers. You can create accounts on the various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among other areas where you are likely to get clients.

The trick is to ensure that the social media site you have settled for is the one that is used most by your target audience.

Create content that is attractive, answer the questions that your clients have and ensure that you are always available when needed by customers.

Create your reputation

Inform your clients about who you really are, what you stand for and what you have to offer. Create a brand that the clients can rely on. Be consistent in delivering the best to your clients. Promise what you are able to deliver to these customers.

When you deliver on a consistent basis, the clients are able to believe and trust in your brand. They will purchase the commodities you have to offer. Package your business as one that is out to benefit the clients and not one intending to defraud them.

Sponsor event that matter to people

Have events that are not directly meant to increase the profits. You can have a holiday party or community cleaning day. Such events make it possible for people to interact with your business and its employees on a one-on-one basis. By doing such, you are able to increase your brand presence.

Let the word of mouth referrals work for you

Word of mouth is a very powerful branding and marketing tool. Ensure that the clients that you serve have something positive to say about your business. You can do this by always giving the best services to your clients.

The clients will then talk about you to their friends, work colleagues, neighbours, and relatives. By doing this, you will be able to able to win peoples hearts and have more customers.


Don’t forget other small details such as proper communication, delivery of a satisfactory customer service and proper product packaging.

In addition, creating a brand needs time. You should, therefore, be patient.

3 Tips To Get More Sales

3 Tips To Get More Sales

Having spoken to plenty of business owners, I feel that this is a topic that should be covered. One of the many questions I usually get is how do we get more sales?

The level of sales a business makes within a given duration depends on two key aspects; demand and supply.

The demand, on the other hand, depends on the customer base while supply depends on the available stock.

For a business to make more sales, it needs to put in place adequate measures that will lure more customers and at the same time ensure that there is enough stock to adequately meet the prevailing demand.

Explore the online market

If you want to make more sales, then you have to make use of all the available opportunities (psst… social media!) that can boost your customer base.

Fortunately, the internet provides one of the best platforms which if properly utilised, can result in a business making a lot of sales at ago.

One of the key advantages of the online market is that it covers a bigger geographical scope which means that more people can easily access a business’ goods and services.

However, for an effective online experience, there is a few requirement that your business must meet.

One, it must have a user-friendly for the target audience to easily navigate around. (I cannot stress this enough. I feel like I’m talking about target audience all the time.)

Secondly, the website needs to be able to attract huge web traffic, this means that you may need to invest in effective digital marketing techniques.

Last but not least, you need to creative, innovative and up-to-date with the current trends both in marketing and business operations.

Creating Customer Loyalty

To a business especially a startup, customer loyalty means everything to them. You don’t want to only have as many customers, buyers, your goods and services, but you also want to retain as many of them as possible for the good days ahead.

There are a number of factors that may come a long way in creating customer loyalty.

To start with, you need to make sure that you only sell quality product or services. This is especially crucial in the online market where the customer may not have the opportunity to physically examine the product before buying it; they only bank on the little confidence they have in the company.

The objective of any business is, therefore, to make sure that the product reaches to the customer in a good start and expected quality.

When a customer is happy and contented, they will not need to consider another company in the future, in fact, they are likely to recommend more customers to your business.

Secondly, make sure that your goods and services are easily affordable.

Last but not least, invest more in forming a business brand.

Outshine your competitors

Another great determinant of a business sales is the type of customer a business is up against. For a startup, penetrating the market is always an uphill task especially if you have a competitor that has dominated the market.

If you want to have the last laugh, then you need to study your opponents, identify their weakness and use them to your advantage.

Besides, you need to be always a step ahead of your main competitors and this will only be possible if you are more creative, innovative and vigilant.

Final Words

If you feel that your business is stagnant at any point, it is fully recommended you do something about it.

When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

How To Increase Engagement in Content Marketing

How To Increase Engagement in Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about getting information to the right people at the right time. If well implemented, content marketing will help you build good reputation as well as increase your brand visibility. This will help your business grow.

Content marketing is perfect for every business because it is an affordable form if marketing and it is also diverse. Any entrepreneur will tell you that engagement in content marketing is gold. If provide valuable content that adds value to your customers, they will comment, like and even share it.

Customer Engagement Loading...

When they do so, then that a clear sign that you your brand is providing value to them. However, earning customer engagement via content marketing is not easy. You need to be consistent, creative and provide relevant information that your customers are looking for.

In this article, we are going to give you tips on things you can do to increase engagement in content marketing.

1. Know your audience

The first very important thing that you need to do to increase engagement in content marketing is knowing the persona of your audience. This way, you will be able to provide content that specifically caters for their personal needs. Studies have shown that customers relate well with content
that addresses their needs on a more personal level.

You need to conduct extensive research to know your buyers persona.

Key elements that you need to consider when researching about your audience persona include: where they live, their age and gender, their interest, their relationship status, their educational level, their income and job title and their buying motivation.

It is very difficult to engage with people that you don’t even know. That is why it is very important to first take your time and research about your audience to know what they want.

This way, they will engage with your brand because you are creating content that is addressing their needs on a personal level.

2. Demonstrate that you care about your audience genuinely

Once you identify your target audience you need to show them that you really care about their welfare.

If you care about your audience, then you will not only create content that is informative but you will create one that solve their needs. Instead of asking yourself, “how can I create content that will help me market my business”, ask yourself customer-centred questions such as what issues can my content solve for my audience? What can I write to motivate and brighten my reader’s day?

When creating content, you should always put your audience first, then your business second. This way, your customers will know that you genuinely care about them. They will return the favour and care about product or services that your business offers.

3. Create content that grabs your audience attention

Don’t just create a flat content, you need to create marketing content that grabs the attention of your audience. Your content should spark emotions on the customers and inspire him/her to take an action.

Use unconventional humor that your audience can relate with. Be unique and creative. Don’t just do things the way other marketers are doing.

Go out of the norm and create content that is unique, informative and fun to read.

4. Don’t overlook the power of headlines

One thing that most people don’t know is that in content marketing, headlines is equally as important as the content that you post. Headlines, be it for email, video or social media post matters a lot.

The first thing that people read before clicking on the content is the title. This means that if the title is not grabbing their attention, then most people will not bother to read the content that you have just posted regardless of how interesting or informative that content is.

Therefore, you need to spend as much time on title as when creating content. Always test your headline before you post it.

5. Respond to engagement

Engagement is a two way thing. Don’t expect your audience to engage with you if you don’t respond to them.

Always monitor your content and respond to comment that your audience post be it positive or negative. Studies have shown that business that engage with their audience enjoy more growth and have more loyal customers that those that don’t. Don’t wait for one week to respond to engagement.

Respond promptly. If you take too much time to respond, then your audience will perceive that you don’t value them.